WordPress web hosting

WordPress works perfectly with our service. We take care that WordPress runs our service quickly and smoothly. You can easily install Wordpress, take backups, update pages.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular free content management system that can create beautiful and versatile home pages and / or a blog-type site. E-commerce is also possible (with the help of add-ons). WordPress is suitable for both individuals and businesses.

WordPress contains a huge variety of add-ons and themes to help you make almost anything on the web.

Easy Installation

Quickly and easily install your WordPress web hosting with one click. The Click installer is included in all of our actual web hostels, ie 3-5 star web sites.

Fast WordPress web hosting

Our website is designed specifically for WordPress to work as quickly as possible. Web servers and databases are optimized for WordPress. Our service has its own cache for Wordpress. Litespeed cache is preinstalled when Wordpress is installed with our Click program.

Safe WordPress

Our security solution protects against more common WordPress threats. We prevent excessive error logging and we find hacking companies. Our Malware scanner prevents malicious files from accessing your account. We have the most recent versions of the server software used, such as PHP, at your disposal.

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