There are many service providers both in Finland and abroad, and choosing a suitable service provider may seem hard. Many strive to offer versatile web hosting at a competitive price, just like us. So how can I know Domainhotelli is the right choice and that my website and email work quickly and reliably?

Efficient servers in Finland

It’s important webpages stay up and load quickly. Among other things, the response time is affected by the location of servers. Since we are a Finnish company and our purpose is to offer web hosting mainly to Finnish citizens, all our servers are located in Helsinki. Server speed is enhanced by, for example, SSDs and precise configuration of the servers. Our services are designed especially for WordPress sites, but other systems also run on our servers.

Information security

We take information security seriously. For this reason, we have different firewall solutions that protect sites (eg. WordPress), users, and the entire server from different kinds of attacks. Virtualization provides additional security by creating a virtual environment on the server for each user.

Big disk space

Our web hosting offer a lot of disk space. Thus, you can safely use email and develop your site. 3-5 star web hosting includes up to 25-100 GB of disk space.

Customer support

We aim to respond to support requests in an efficient manner. In addition, we offer telephone service on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm. You can always get help from us, also in English and Swedish.

30-day satisfaction guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee of up to 30 days for our web hosting services. If you are not satisfied, you’re free to terminate the service within 30 days of ordering. If the domain has caused any registration or transfer fees, it belongs to you and is freely transferable elsewhere.