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Domainhotelli, founded in 2015, is a Finnish company offering domain services and modern web hosting services.

Our goal is to revolutionize the Finnish domain and the web hosting market by offering inexpensive quality service that cannot be competed with. This is achieved by high-level of automation. Our service quickly and cheaply obtains domain registration and other management. We offer low cost but quality web hosting with plenty of disk space.

Our servers are located in a modern server room in Helsinki.


Firdonkatu 2 T 105, 00520 Helsinki
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Company ID: 1753494-9

Customer support

+358 9 439 21802 (Mon-Fri 10-14)

Domainhotelli provides you a domain name and straightforward tools to take your place online.
The service is ideal especially for those who like to do it themselves and save money.
Maker, claim your spot in the web!