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Lowest price on .fi domain registration?

Register a domain fast and reliably from us. A .fi domain name from us is only 9 euros per year!

You can order a domain hosting package for your domain or, for example, a cheap name service that includes DNS management, domain controls, and email controls.

Easy domain management

You can easily manage your domain through our client pages.

In Domain Management, you can easily do the following for your domain:

- Update domain contacts
- Change Domain Name Servers
- New domain validity
- Apply for a broker switch key
- Manage Automatic Updates
- Change the .fi domain user
- Manage DNSSEC settings
- Lock domain
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Official .fi domain name registrar

We are an official .fi domain registrar. We register instantly and automatically domains paid with online payment buttons and credit cards. The domain is usually registered to the user in about a minute. You can either register a .fi domain through us, or you can add our cheap name service or one of our web sites.

Compare to other registrars:

Full domain management through our pages
Affordable name service
You can subscribe to a domain without other services

FI domain price

FI domain registration only 9 euros a year.